Rehabilitation Health Care – We’re on the Move to Get you Moving Again

Rehabilitation After Joint Replacement

If you or a loved one are managing a physical condition, you may find it difficult to seek treatment simply because its difficult to move. Physical rehabilitation including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation assistance, is used to promote better mobility and physical function to people with pain, injury, or chronic disease. Chipperfield Phyisotherapy’s mobile rehabilitation team brings the service directly to clients at home or any other location, addressing transportation issues that may otherwise be preventing treatment.

Whether you’re having difficulty getting out of the house, or prefer the convenience of a therapist coming to you, Chipperfield Physiotherapy can help accelerate your physical recovery at the location that best suits your lifestyle.  Our clients include:

  • babies, who may be more comfortable in their home environment
  • athletes (kids and adults), for injury prevention and recovery
  • kids and adults, who are post-op or post-trauma when mobility may be an issue
  • busy professionals, who need the convenience of an on-site appointment
  • elderly, who may have transportation or scheduling issues
"I can't say enough good things about Chipperfield physio. We were referred to Justin by our pediatrician because our 2 month old baby had torticollis. AS first time parents we were nervous and upset that something was "wrong" with our baby. Justin was so great with him and calm and gentle. He gave us the confidence to help in his treatment and assured us he would be there every step of the way. We were just given the green light for our son and have "graduated" physio. Thanks Justin !!" - Annemarie