The Chipperfield Physiotherapy team of physiotherapists have a broad range of expertise and healthcare interests.  When you book an appointment with us, we’ll ask you about your condition as part of our intake so that we can match you with the professional who has the most experience in your area of concern.

Physiotherapists are University trained primary health care professionals.  You may hear the term ‘Physical Therapy’ instead of ‘Physiotherapy’; these terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing.  Physiotherapists (or physical therapists) are body specialists. They have the knowledge and ability to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of orthopedic, neurological, and cardio-respiratory conditions and movement disorders.

Physiotherapy is rooted in the science of movement. It restores functional movement patterns in the body to resolve pain and help you to recover from injuries. Physiotherapy treatment may include a combination of education, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy.  Benefits of Physiotherapy may include decreased pain and stiffness, improved function and mobility, and improved quality of life.

All of our Physiotherapists are licensed and insured. We work with a wide variety of age groups, from babies to seniors.  Sessions required vary from client to client and may be a straightforward assessment and exercise regimen, or more complex weekly or biweekly appointments to work on chronic conditions.

Our team of physiotherapists collaborate with our other healthcare professionals for Occupational Therapy, personal training, and rehabilitation assistance. If you would benefit from working with one of these healthcare professionals as part of your treatment program, your physiotherapist will refer your case

Physiotherapy Treatment and Techniques

Physiotherapy techniques vary based on individual patient needs – your therapist will work with you to understand your condition and implement a treatment plan. Initial appointments with Chipperfield Physiotherapy are approximately 60 minutes and will generally include:

knee replacement physiotherapy

  • Assessment – Gathering information on your medical condition or injury, understanding patient background as it relates to treatment, and hands-on analysis
  • On-Site Treatment – Specific to your condition or injury.  May include manual therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, and/or Muscle Stimulation, heat or ice application
  • Tailored Exercise Plan – Specific stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed to correct muscle imbalances that lead to injury or excessive wear and tear on your joints.  One-on-one instruction and correction of your technique is a key aspect of our service.
  • Client Education – Educating you, the client, on how to manage your current injury or disability is a top priority.  We listen and take the time to explain the steps required for you to make the best possible recovery you can.  Be sure to check out our Resources section.
  • Follow Up – Based on client preference and recommendations of your therapist, a follow-up appointment will be booked to progress treatment.  These appointments will vary in frequency depending on client goals and treatment plan, and can be from several times a week to once or twice a month as needed

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