If you’re suffering from a chronic condition or have had recent surgery or injury, consider working with an Occupational therapist as part of your recovery plan. Occupational Therapists are health care professionals who specialize in rehabilitation techniques related to performing every day activities or tasks. Working with an OT can be especially helpful for clients who have to find new ways to function in daily life for short term recovery or long term management.

Occupational therapists assess the functional and social needs of clients in every day life, helping clients relearn common tasks. A recent study found that Occupational Therapy was the only health care service (of 19 studied) that resulted in lower re-admission to hospital after initial release. This is likely because people who are able to participate fully in daily life require less repeated support to maintain a satisfying quality of life. Some examples of how working with an OT can help are found in the University of Toronto article entitled “How Occupational therapists can help with transition from hospital to home

An ideal client assessment would allow the OT to work with the client in their typical daily setting – whether it be at work, home, or school. Our Mobile Rehabiliation team includes an Occupational therapist who can work with you in your typical environment to develop a personalized plan for you. If you have a physical health condition that’s preventing you from getting back to the daily activities you love, contact Chipperfield Physiotherapy for an appointment.

Occupational Therapy Helps with Hospital-Home Transition
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