Restoring joint range of motion is one of the main goals in the early stages following total knee replacement.

Our Physiotherapists have a combined 100+ years of experience! And we’re especially good at total knee & hip replacements!

Because we’re a mobile physiotherapy practice, we’ve seen more than your average total hip and knee replacements. Most clients are not able to travel to a clinic after their surgery, which makes our service especially convenient. We even get to see how you move around your space, and what obstacles or challenges you need to deal with. This allows us to make a fully customizable recovery program for you! 

Let’s chat a little more about what a typical surgery looks like, and why physiotherapy post-joint replacement is so important. 

What does the surgery involve?

It may seem shocking, but every year, more than 80,000 Canadians go through hip and knee replacement surgery and recovery. Not just anyone can get a joint replacement, however. It is usually people with severe knee and hip damage who go through a surgical hip or knee replacement. During the procedure, a surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of a joint and replaces it with a man-made metal and plastic surface.

Why is Physiotherapy important after my joint replacement?

Hip and knee replacement physiotherapy is often prescribed after joint replacement surgery to aid in recovery. During the recovery process, physiotherapy can help relieve pain, aid the hip or knee joint to work better, and increase mobility. We work on building strength, range of motion in the joint, and getting you back to the activities you love! While all knees and hips are different, we usually see clients returning back to physical activity 2-3 months after their surgery – and with no pain! 

We often see many people decreasing their activity after a hip or knee replacement. In-home physiotherapy can help to close this gap and get you moving again. Physiotherapy can also help improve your fitness, balance, reduce the risk of falls, and lower the risk of other health issues. With a regular exercise program, joint replacement patients can see an improved quality of life.

knee replacement physiotherapy
Justin Chipperfield helps a client perform a wall squat after a total knee replacement.

Hip replacement physiotherapy or knee replacement physiotherapy can help you:

  • Build strength in your joints and surrounding muscles
  • Ease swelling and pain
  • Restore typical joint movement
  • Improve circulation so you don’t have issues with blood clots, especially right after surgery
  • Improve walking pattern and balance
  • Get back to doing the things you love to do sooner

Why is Mobile Hip and Knee Replacement Physiotherapy recommended?

Mobile home physiotherapy will allow physiotherapists to see how you move and interact in your own home environment. Our physiotherapists can provide you with assessments and exercises to improve your range of motion in your new joint all from the comfort of your own home, office, or sports facility. Plus, you’ll save time and money on the hassle of traveling to appointments and paying for parking and gas.

To see one of our physiotherapists, you don’t need a doctor’s referral!

Definitely check with your benefits provider as most extended medical plans cover a portion of the cost of physiotherapy. If you’ve had hip and knee replacement surgery and are looking to get back to being active and doing what you love, physiotherapy can help you keep the muscles around your joint strong long after your surgery.

Hip replacement physiotherapy
Chipperfield Physiotherapist helps a client perform a leg raise after a total hip replacement surgery

At Chipperfield Physio, we offer direct billing to most extended health care providers, as well as UBC Hospital Centre for Surgical Excellence.  Patients that undergo surgery at UBC Hospital receive 3 physiotherapy visits for a hip replacement, and 12 physiotherapy visits for a knee replacement.

Contact Chipperfield physiotherapy to book an in-home and mobile hip and knee replacement physiotherapy consultation. We offer our services to your most convenient location in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby.

Testimonials from hip or knee replacement patients:

I am extremely likely to recommend Chipperfield Physiotherapy to anybody. Justin & his team were introduced to me through a friend of my daughter’s. I will always be grateful for this connection. Justin was responsible for my excellent rehab after a total knee replacement. Chipperfield Physiotherapy are a very professional, dedicated, compassionate & knowledgeable group. Starting with a simple phone call to Justin’s office I was put into his reliable hands almost immediately. Justin understands people and knows just how to get the maximum response from his clients during their rehab workouts. It was hard work but always with encouragement. I was totally mobile within 3 weeks and didn’t have to use a walker or cane after 4 weeks. Now how’s that for a client in her 80’s?! Additionally, Justin makes himself available for any ongoing concerns. He is a very dedicated and compassionate man.” – Ruby G.

“Justin and his team have been a fantastic group to work with. Whether its been my knee issues, my husbands back, or helping out with our young daughter who is in competitive ballet, I always feel like we are in good hands. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and genuinely care about our recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chipperfield Physio to all my friends and family.” – Crystal

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