According to The Gottman Institute (a world-renowned research facility dedicated to improving love & health in relationships), working out together is “not only good for your physical health but can also be a great way to invest in your relationship.”

Research has also shown that exercising with partners or friends resulted in greater relationship satisfaction on the days you work out together compared to days you work out alone (1). In another 2017 study, research showed that working out with a partner or friend can help you better adhere to an exercise routine that would make your goals more successful(2). 

On that note – we’ve just launched our partner/friend/couple* training promotion and we’re so excited to offer a new way for clients to build healthy habits and get consistent training expertise! In this post, we’ll be sharing a recent interview with some of our Personal Training clients and our Kinesiologist, Prabh Bains. Keep reading for a solid overview of what to expect during your sessions, and how training in pairs can increase motivation and results! 

Katie: Hi Ray & Wendy! Thanks for sharing your experience with your training with Prabh. Can you start by telling us why you decided to train together?

Ray & Wendy: No problem Katie! We loved Prabh’s service and are happy to share. Simply put, we wanted to have a structured exercise time where we would be accountable to someone else.

Katie: That makes total sense! I think it’s one of the main reasons people seek out a personal trainer. I love that you mentioned the word “structure” – it’s a big piece of the puzzle and definitely helps when building healthy habits. Prabh – what does the first session look like for couples? How to you come up with a program for them?

Prabh: Good question! It involves a few different steps. First, we want to establish what your goals are. For Wendy & Ray, it was establishing a solid workout routine and increasing their strength. Then we took some objective measurements – for example: what your posture is like, some strength tests, and your weight (if your goal is to gain or lose weight). After that, we chat about what a program could look like and the timeframe needed to hit their goals. Being realistic, but also ambitious is important – we’re aiming for challenging workouts, but not Navy SEAL training, you know?

Katie: haha I get that! I’m sure there’s a fine balance in your sessions, and figuring out how best to motivate each client probably takes time, right?

Prabh: Exactly! I try to use a lot of visual communication so that clients can see someone else do the movement. That, along with clear verbal communication really helps the client understand what muscle group they’re working and how it translates to their goals. I’ve found that this is a great way to motivate clients – always connect the exercise back to their goals!

Katie: I love that. So simple and yet it’s so easy to forget why you’re working out and putting in all the effort in the first place. Relating it back to your goals is a great way to keep energy and motivation high. Can you tell me what types of exercises you can do with clients at home? Mobile personal training must be a little different than working out at a gym?

Prabh: Luckily there are so many exercises we can do in a client’s home! With Wendy & Ray we worked with dumbbells, exercise bands, and medicine balls. I can bring all the equipment to clients so it makes it super easy for them.

Katie: That’s so handy! And probably a lot of bodyweight stuff too?

Prabh: You got it! I also have a background in boxing, so it’s something I love to incorporate into sessions – and clients usually love it too!

Wendy: We LOVED the boxing portion of the class! Such a great way to relieve some stress and learn a new skill.

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Katie: Wow. It sounds like there are so many benefits to these sessions. Ray & Wendy – what goals have you hit since working with Prabh? What have you loved about the sessions so far?

Ray: I think for us, the convenience and safety of working out together at home has been incredible. For me, it’s really been about the accountability aspect – I get to have an awesome trainer AND Wendy inspiring me every session!

Wendy: I echo what Ray said! Getting in shape mentally and physically with a partner or friend beside you is truly the best. Plus I never have to pay for parking at the gym again!

Katie: Vancouver parking really is the worst! Mobile personal training seems like a no brainer for that alone! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed your sessions – thank you so much for speaking with us today! Prabh – any last words or comments?

Prabh: I’d just like to say that Wendy & Ray have been outstanding clients! I love seeing positive changes in my clients, and I really believe that group training like this is so beneficial for those who want to connect with their partners (or friends), motivate each other, and create some fun memories!

Our Personal Training promotion is now available until May 31st!

Click the link below to learn more about the program & how training in a pair increases motivation & accountability & results!

Spill The Beans: Interview with Two Personal Training Clients on What it’s Like to Work Out Together! 😲
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