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Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or disability using physical methods instead of medication or surgery. Methods used in physiotherapy include massages, heat treatment, and exercises. Here are some of the benefits of mobile physiotherapy:

1. Improves mobility

If you have any condition that affects your ability to move and go about your daily activities, you should see a physiotherapist. These health professionals are body movement experts and can help you get back to engaging in the activities you love.

2. Relieves pain

If you are experiencing severe pain but want to avoid medication, try physiotherapy. While pain medication doesn’t treat the cause of your pain, physiotherapy does. When a physiotherapist identifies what is causing your pain, he or she will manipulate the area(s) using massage techniques, stretches and other methods to eliminate the pain.

3. Helps you avoid surgical procedures

Often, doctors will recommend that people with certain chronic conditions have surgery to fix these issues. But a consultation with a physiotherapist might reveal a non-invasive solution.

4. Improves balance

If you suffer from conditions that affect your balance, physiotherapy will provide you with tools to you regain your balance and reduce your risk of injury from a fall.

5. Prevents injuries

Another way physiotherapy helps prevent injury is by strengthening the body. When you strengthen your body, you will not break bones or strain muscles easily.

6. Appropriate for all ages

Physiotherapy involves low impact movements. For that reason, there are no age restrictions for this type of treatment. Anyone, from small children to seniors, can benefit from physiotherapy.

Mobile physiotherapy

Normally, you have to go to a clinic, hospital or office for physiotherapy sessions. However, with the mobile physiotherapist, you can have these sessions at home.
Here are some reasons you should consider mobile physiotherapy:

1. Safer visits

Mobile physiotherapy is a great option for people with limited mobility as it reduces the risk of falling while trying to get in and out of a building, wheelchair or building.

2. Convenient

Mobile physiotherapy is an extremely convenient and flexible service. In addition to coming to you, your physiotherapist sets appointments based on your schedule.

4. Comfort

When you are comfortable you will receive better results from your treatment. At home is where you will be most comfortable when receiving physiotherapy.

5. Personalized Care

When a physiotherapist visits you at home it enables him or her to customize your care. He or she can even develop specific exercises to help you navigate your house without causing accidents and further injury.

Do you need mobile physiotherapy in Vancouver?

If you are in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or surrounding areas and need physiotherapy, Chipperfield Physiotherapy will come to. With a team of highly trained, experienced and passionate healthcare professionals, we guarantee exceptional service. So, give us a call today.

Have You Considered Mobile Physiotherapy?
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