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Physiotherapy for stroke recovery. A stroke occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is restricted depriving the cells of oxygen. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, after about 3 to 4 minutes brain cells start to die. At times a stroke is referred to as a brain attack. The brain controls everything you do. That is why when brain cells die, abilities controlled by the affected area of the brain, such as speech, memory and muscle control are lost.

If you have suffered from a stroke, physiotherapy can help with your recovery. A physiotherapy is a form of treatment that may be used to assist people who have limited mobility and/or pain caused by injury, illness or disability to regain movement and function. Physiotherapy uses physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise.

Benefits of physiotherapy for stroke recovery

When you have a stroke, the brain must begin to recover from the damage it received while it was deprived of oxygen. Your brain cannot make new cells to replace the damaged ones; however, the brain can reorganize the healthy cells to take over the work of the cells that were damaged. Post-stroke rehabilitation can start as soon as 24 hours after a stroke and has an important role to play in helping patients relearn basic abilities.

Physiotherapy will focus on your specific challenges. Your physiotherapist will:

• strengthen your limbs through therapy.
• teach you how to move again as independently as possible. Your physiotherapist will do this by helping you relearn how to do things like roll over in bed, move from sitting to standing and move from a chair to a toilet, for example.
• give you advice on how to position yourself in bed or while seated.
• let you know when it is time to start getting out of bed to walk around.
• know whether you need equipment to support your movement.
• work with your caregiver and/or family members to help prevent complications which could hamper your recovery.

Mobile physiotherapy for stroke recovery

Following a stroke, you may want to consider mobile physiotherapy. With mobile physiotherapy, you do not have to visit an office or clinic, a physiotherapist will visit your home to provide you with treatment instead.

Mobile physiotherapy is safer for patients who have limited mobility after a stroke as each time you leave your home, you may risk further injuries from falls. It is also extremely convenient and flexible as well because your physiotherapist works around your schedule. When you have treatment at home, your care is personalized and developed to help you move around your home.

Do you need stroke recovery physiotherapy in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or surrounding areas?

If you need stroke recovery physiotherapy in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or surrounding areas, Chipperfield Physiotherapy will come to you. We are an experienced, passionate group of professionals who will provide you with exceptional health care services. Our mobile multidisciplinary health care clinic uses a client-centred approach in our practice. We will take the time to listen to you and create a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.

All our Physiotherapists are licensed and insured and work with a wide variety of age groups. So, if you are tired of suffering from limited mobility, contact us today and let us help with your stroke recovery.

Physiotherapy for Stroke Recovery
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