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Chipperfield Physiotherapy is a mobile multidisciplinary health care team that was established in 2013 to make physical rehabilitation services available to those who need it most. Whether you are unable to leave your home to access therapy, or you simply prefer to receive care in the comfort of your home, our goal is to make your one-on-one experience as rewarding as we can.

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I Highly Recommend Them!

I would like to take this moment to say how impressed I am with Chipperfield Physiotherapy. I had them come to my house for the last couple of months. I was sorry I did not think of having someone come in earlier than I did! Chipperfield was recommended to me by my massage therapist. I feel if I did not have someone come when I did, I would not be where I am now. I highly recommend them. Thank you!

Teresa H.

Greatly Appreciated

[Emma], I have very much enjoyed the experience of working with you for my first private experience with physio therapy. Your knowledge and gracious treatment have been greatly appreciated.

Sheri D.

Our family Could Not Be More Pleased

Eight months ago Mum fell and broke her wrist. She had been using a walker for mobility, but after the fall she could not use her conventional walker because her arm was in a cast. Determined to keep our 95 year old Mum up and moving on her feet, we called Justin at Chipperfield Physiotherapy for help, as recommended by the staff at Mum’s care home. Justin and his team were there immediately, and established a routine designed to keep Mum’s fingers, hands, shoulders and legs from atrophying while she was recovering. Mum’s wrist has long since healed, but his team continues to visit Mum three times a week for physiotherapy sessions that keep her limber and able to stand, bear weight and take a few steps while transferring to into the car, the shower, the toilet and into bed. Our family knows that the physiotherapy program implemented by Justin and his team have increased Mum’s strength and stamina in ways that enhance her enjoyment and ease of life. We have acted on equipment suggestions they proposed too. No less significantly, our normally reclusive Mum enjoys terrific camaraderie with her physiotherapists who cheerfully encourage and stimulate her with conversation and laughter during their visits. Our family could not be more pleased with the services of Chipperfield Physiotherapy.

Liz H.

Fantastic Group to Work With

Justin and his team have been a fantastic group to work with. Whether its been my knee issues, my husbands back, or helping out with our young daughter who is in competitive ballet, I always feel like we are in good hands. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and genuinely care about our recovery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chipperfield Physio to all my friends and family.

Crystal R.


My 14 year old daughter is fit and active. She dances, and plays basketball and field-hockey. When she started complaining of a sore back, I was alarmed! I called Chipperfield Physiotherapy and we started seeing Sarah. She was amazing! She really engaged my teenage daughter, and really took time to figure out what was causing the pain. It turns out my very fit daughter really needs to work on flexibility. Sarah set up a stretching routine that was very understandable. And my daughter was feeling better after just one week. THANK YOU Sarah!

Erin D.

Amazing Physiotherapist

Jo Varley has been an amazing physiotherapist; her dedication to my recovery is unwavering , she inspires me to move forward and keeps me focused. She is a delight, positive, supportive, knowledgeable . She challenges me and keeps me on track with new exercises. I look forward to seeing her every week. I am improving tremendously with my foot injury. Thank you so much Jo for your support and guidance.

Jude V.

Excellent Physiotherapist and Coach

I saw Justin Chipperfield about a year ago as I was recovering from a fractured ankle and surgery to repair it. Justin was an excellent physiotherapist and coach through the entire process. He gave me exercises weekly that were suitable for my level of progression and always kept me motivated to try just a little bit more each time. I felt that he was not only looking after my specific injury but also coached and supported me through a frequently frustrating recovery process. As a runner I was particularly concerned about how the injury would impact my future ability to run and often chaffed at my perceived lack of progress. Justin did a great job of managing my spirits - being encouraging and optimistic but also realistic when I overdid it once in a while. Today I am happy to say that I am back running well. I would not hesitate to call Justin in the future and recommend him happily when friends and acquaintances are looking for a good physiotherapist. Thank you Justin!

Robin F.

Recommending to Anyone in Need

In early February I fell and dislocated my left shoulder. I was referred to Justin through my sister. Justin's lane studio for treatment and exercises is well equipped including the availability of quiet relaxing music. Justin's manner put me at ease, and he explained movements as he manipulated my arm to best help it heal. At first I was receiving treatment weekly but now I've progressed to twice a month and am at 80% recovery. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone in need. Be safe and work safe!

Andrew S.

Complete Satisfaction with the Service

I am writing to demonstrate my complete satisfaction with the service that Chipperfield Physio supplies and, more importantly, sending qualified and competent personnel such as Julie Adair. Julie was the perfect person to put me at ease when I left the hospital after 1 week due to lower back problems (4 bulging discs). My wife had desperately searched for someone on-line after I was released early. Julie was available on the weekend and assisted me to walk and not rely on a walker. It only took two visits to get me on track. More recently this past weekend, I had a similar episode, not as severe, and Julie had me walking, albeit gingerly, same visit one day later. She applied treatment, small amount of massage and then had me do stretches. Importantly, she followed up with me and supplied me with exercises in an e-mail (diagrams and good descriptions). I would recommend Chipperfield [Physiotherapy] and more specifically Julie for one's physio needs. She is very knowledgeable and caring in addition to having the so-called "bedside manners" that are hard to experience in this day and age.

Alex A.

Justin Played a Key Role in my Recovery

After sustaining a serious tibial pilon fracture of my ankle, physiotherapy was to become a critical part of my recovery plan. Justin has played a key role in my recovery, supporting me through many phases. The care, patience and coaching that he gave during our initial in-home treatments quickly earned my trust, easing any anxiety that I had about my health and recovery. With incredible skill, kindness and care, along with tools and information, Justin gave me the confidence to continue my physio plan between our sessions. As I transitioned to treatments in clinic, he worked with me to assess my progress, continued to modify and expand my plan and coach me through the natural ups and downs. Without Justin's skill, dedication and compassion, I wouldn't be making the recovery that I am. Thank you, Justin, for being such an important part of my healing - I am grateful for you and your work.

Bronwyn S.

Tremendous Knowledge and Compassion

Justin has helped me and my young son with a few different sports injuries, including back pain and ligament/muscle strains. He has tremendous knowledge and compassion, and he explains both the injury and the course of treatment in ways we can understand and apply. Justin always helps us get back on the ice or field quickly, and in the best possible health

Paul P.

Convenient and Easy!

Chipperfield Physio is wonderful! It's convenient and easy for me with my mobility issues. Emma is awesome! I highly recommend this mobile service!

Leanne M.

I am Extremely Likely to Recommend Chipperfield Physiotherapy

I am extremely likely to recommend Chipperfield Physiotherapy to anybody. Justin & his team were introduced to me through a friend of my daughter's. I will always be grateful for this connection. Justin was responsible for my excellent rehab after a total knee replacement. Chipperfield Physiotherapy are a very professional, dedicated, compassionate & knowledgeable group. Starting with a simple phone call to Justin's office I was put into his reliable hands almost immediately. Justin understands people and knows just how to get the maximum response from his clients during their rehab workouts. It was hard work but always with encouragement. I was totally mobile within 3 weeks and didn't have to use a walker or cane after 4 weeks. Now how's that for a client in her 80's?! Additionally, Justin makes himself available for any ongoing concerns. He is a very dedicated and compassionate man.

Ruby G.

Instrumental in my recovery and would highly recommend

Joanna Varley was terrific!! She was very encouraging & patient with me after my Total Knee Replacement giving me a manageable number of exercises on each of her visits so I was not overloaded or discouraged. She watched me doing them to make sure I was doing them correctly, and praising my progress. The next visit she would assess my progress before adding more exercises. She always arrived on time, a truly competent caring professional which is why I recommended her to a close friend of mine who she is currently helping during her recovery. I feel she was instrumental in my recovery and would highly recommend her.

Kay D.

We are lucky to have such a dedicated professional!

This is to commend Physiotherapist Jo Varley for her excellent work. Norman, 80 years old, recently underwent a surgical below-knee amputation at a local hospital, due to non-healing ulcerous wound. Physiotherapists at the hospital, assessing him post surgery, deemed him unfit for any rehabilitation, and concluded that he would forever remain reliant on mechanical ceiling lift for transfer between bed and wheelchair. Norman is now in a Care Home, where his care plan continues to stipulates transfer via ceiling lift. We, Norman’s family, questioned this bleak assessment of his capabilities. Following research into appropriate professionals services, we retained Jo's services. Jo has worked wonders. After just a few weeks of therapy, Norman is now demonstrating the ability to transfer between bed and wheelchair via walker, a seemingly unattainable goal. His success is such that we are now investigating the possibility of a prosthesis. Whether that happens, time will tell. Regardless of the final outcome, Jo has more than met our expectations, and we are forever grateful to her. She is a delight to work with: good sense of humour; good sense of client’s capabilities, firm in her commands, yet understanding of energy/physical limitations; good communicator; always reliable, always on time. Jo’s dedication to the profession is further evidenced by her work at UBC, where she works in assessing and mentoring international physiotherapist applicants. We are all lucky to have such a dedicated professional.

Catherine F.

Everybody there is helpful and pleasant to deal with

I am pleased to add my voice to those who think kindly about Chipperfield Physio. Everybody there is helpful and pleasant to deal with, but there are two standout factors that seem to be tailor made for me. First: the therapist comes to my home. I was delighted to see that offered in their google ad. Every session has taken place in my home. It has been wonderful for me (and my wife, who would otherwise be driving me to my sessions). This has been a great convenience and stress reliever. Second: the therapist I have been dealing with, Jo, is fantastic. She knows how to challenge me, but in a nice way, and is always encouraging and leaves me with “homework” to do before the next session. I would recommend Chipperfield (and Jo if you are lucky enough to get her) to any of my friends who are looking for a physiotherapist.


Would certainly Request Her Help Again

We were very impressed with Julie....Our experience with Julie was a very positive one. She worked with my 95 year old mother who is still mobile but has back and balance issues. Julie was kind, encouraging, easy to talk to using her skills to teach my Mum to walk inside as well as outside on grass and uneven pavement. She worked at having my Mum work/exercise to a level that was actually strengthening ie having her walk more quickly so her strides would automatically be longer and therefore actually strengthening. My Mum couldn't believe she could actually do some of the walking/exercises Julie had her do. She pushed my Mum just enough to make her exercises beneficial but not so hard that my Mum couldn't do it or became discouraged. Her bed exercises for core strengthening have helped immensely. I especially liked that she followed up that the exercises were performed correctly. Very personable young lady....Would certainly request her help again in the future.

Heidi W.

Can’t Say Enough Good Things

I can't say enough good things about Chipperfield physio. We were referred to Justin by our pediatrician because our 2 month old baby had torticollis. AS first time parents we were nervous and upset that something was "wrong" with our baby. Justin was so great with him and calm and gentle. He gave us the confidence to help in his treatment and assured us he would be there every step of the way. We were just given the green light for our son and have "graduated" physio. Thanks Justin !!

Annemarie W.

Recommended for Sure

I have been very pleased with my experience with Justin. I saw him for almost a year for some help with my back and he was able to create an easy to follow exercise plan that helped greatly with my recovery. A very good experience - I'd recommend him for sure!

David R.

A True Pleasure to Work With

.....everyone I’ve worked with at Chipperfield Physio has been supportive and friendly, flexible with their time, generous with their knowledge, understanding of my pain, and a true pleasure to work with.

Heidi E.

Progressed Much Faster With Physio

"Ken was happy to receive your [Jo Varley] visits and rehab while waiting for the hospital physio program. He progressed much faster as a result of your early treatments. It is wonderful to have home visit physio to avoid going out immediately post surgery. The outing for physio involves family members to take time off work. Some people don’t have that luxury. Good thing is the extended care insurance covers the treatment like regular coverage."


Justin played a key role in my recovery

This is for one of the most amazing people on my ACL recovery support team. Without a doubt, Justin played a key role in my recovery. He was attentive, patient and most importantly, he was very informative. I’m your typical type A personality; I did my own research online and asked a lot of questions. I wanted my recovery to be as efficient as possible, and Justin made it happen. Not only did Justin help me during my session, he collaborated with my yoga instructor and weight trainer to create a specialized recovery plan. I am extremely grateful to have had him by my side during this difficult process.

Olivia L.

Simply amazing with babies!

At about 3 months old, we noticed our premature triplets had flat heads, which was due to torticollis. We were referred to Justin by our Pediatrician. We are familiar with physiotherapy for adults but were amazed at what you can do proactively and as preventative measures at such a young age. The exercises seemed daunting for such fragile young people but Justin was so experienced in handling them and took great care in teaching us how to continue the exercises in-between sessions. Ever flexible, knowledgeable and understanding - He is simply amazing with babies! We are so happy that we were able to work with Justin!

Wendy C.

His visits felt like a lifeline during my recovery

I arranged for Justin Chipperfield to be my physiotherapist following hip surgery due to the fact that he would come to my home. I was in a great deal of pain when I met Justin and he immediately helped me with simple things such as how to go from sitting to standing, how to use a walker and crutches correctly, etc. By the end of the first session he had instilled in me a renewed sense of confidence and belief that I could navigate the rehabilitation process. For the next four months Justin visited me at my home on a regular basis which made such a huge difference. He was able to assess my physio needs within my own setting and geared my exercises to suit my needs within that setting. Justin demonstrated a wide range of skills and knowledge and, most importantly, his personable, warm and respectful approach made the daunting task of regaining mobility and strength reachable goals. He encouraged me to listen to my body and to believe in my instincts. He also conferred with my surgeon when I suffered a strained muscle due to my overly ambitious activities in the early days. It was a true pleasure to work with Justin. His visits felt like a lifeline to me during my recovery. I would highly recommend him as a physiotherapist.

Marcie S.

Recommended to family and friends

I found Justin on the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia website. My orthopedic surgeon suggested getting some physiotherapy treatment to help me optimize my hip function due to arthritis. I found Justin to be very personable when I first met him. He was attentive and professional. Justin's home studio is a great space for carrying out the treatment sessions. Justin is very reliable and knowledgeable and I would continue to see him and/or book him for other medical issues in the future. I would also recommend him to family and friends.

Nicoline S.

First Person We Call for Support if Our Kids are Injured

We came to Justin after our son injured his shoulder playing tennis. This set back was disappointing for our son but Justin quickly assessed his injury and prescribed a step by step approach to get him back on court as soon as possible. Justin’s work is both thorough and professional. He is a natural with kids and his professional experience was apparent from the first visit. Justin treated our son in his lane way home studio, its a great space with all the equipment at his finger tips. It also made it that much easier for our son to focus on the treatment and exercises. Although we hope not to have to use Justin's services again soon, he will be the first person we call for support if our kids are injured.

Denise A.
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