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If you’ve had a concussion, you may have been told to get lots of rest. However, the rest might not be as helpful as you think. Especially if it’s been more than a week following your concussion and you are still experiencing symptoms, you may need to try more effective, evidence-based concussion treatment to address the problem.

Here are some treatments that are effective post-concussion:

1. Exercise therapy

Research has shown that when you’ve had a concussion, blood flow to your brain is reduced. For this reason, you may feel better while you rest. However, when you get up or try to read something, your symptoms may come back and may even worsen.

Exercise may be a helpful solution since it increases blood flow to the brain. Note that you should just decide to go and exercise on your own following a concussion. You will first need to be evaluated by a physiotherapist who will determine what exercises will be safe and effective. They will also supervise your workout.

2. Manual therapy

Based on the amount of acceleration that is required to cause a concussion, it is impossible for you to have had a concussion without a sprain or strain injury to your neck. This sprain or strain injury to the neck is known as whiplash. The symptoms of whiplash and a concussion are the same. So, you will not be able to tell right away whether your symptoms are as a result of the concussion or if they are caused by the whiplash.

A concussion usually lasts for about 7 to 10 days while whiplash symptoms may persist for up a year and even longer in some cases. If it’s been more than 10 days and you are still experiencing symptoms, that is usually an indicator that your symptoms are coming from whiplash and you could benefit from manual therapy and rehabilitative exercises.

Dietary changes

A concussion causes inflammation in the brain. You can help reduce that inflammation by making changes to your diet. Dietary changes you may want to make include eliminating pro-inflammatory foods from your meals. Pro-inflammatory foods include red meat, pasta, white bread and refined sugars. You should replace these with foods like fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocado.

Do you need concussion treatment in Vancouver?

If you want to recover at home following a concussion you should try a mobile concussion clinic. When you opt for a mobile concussion treatment clinic, a trained professional will come to your home or other location of your choice and offer the concussion testing and treatments you need.

If you are in the Metro Vancouver area, give us a call at Chipperfield Physiotherapy. At Chipperfield Physiotherapy, we have a highly trained and experienced team that will work with you the find the right time and location to accelerate your recovery.

Concussion Treatment Options You Should Consider After a Head Injury
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