hip fracture

Hip fracture physiotherapy

Most hip fractures occur in the elderly. A fall usually causes these fractures. Hip fractures occur in the young as well. For the young, car accidents or sports injuries tend to be the cause of hip fractures.

Almost all hip fractures will require surgery. A patient will need to start physiotherapy shortly after they have had surgery. The sooner you start physiotherapy, the earlier you will walk again. Patients who walk earlier significantly lower their risk of developing stomach ulcers and lung complications following surgery. Furthermore, early physiotherapy will help to prevent muscle atrophy and secondary injuries to other body parts that may be compensating for the hip injury. You will find as well, that your rage of motion, return to baseline function and overall quality will be improved with the early intervention of physiotherapy.

Those with hip fractures that do not require surgery should still consider physiotherapy to help regain normal movement in the fractured hip.

In-home physiotherapy for hip fractures

At Chipperfield Physiotherapy, we understand it can be a challenge to get around following a hip fracture. For that reason, the physiotherapist at our clinic will come to you. We provide mobile physiotherapy services to clients in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities and the North Shore.

With our in-home physiotherapy services, you get the same benefits as you would in a traditional physiotherapy clinic. The only difference is that our services are more convenient and save you time, money and the trouble of figuring out how to get to your appointment.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for hip fracture physiotherapy or to learn more about our services.

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