Adel has practiced physiotherapy in several countries around the world for over a decade and has recently chosen Vancouver as his permanent home after falling in love with the city. Over the years he has developed a true passion for rehabilitating patients and is highly committed to improving the quality of life of those he treats, with a 100% patient-centered treatment plan. His wide experience in the field ranges from Acute care at hospitals, to treating athletes on National and International league teams.

He specializes in Neurological conditions, Orthopedics and Sports Injuries as well as in Active rehabilitation through functional exercise plans. Adel believes that combining excellent treatment along with patient commitment and support is the key recipe for a successful rehabilitation plan and appreciates his opportunity to make a difference, improving his patient’s lives.

Adel works with adults and the elderly and treats clients in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities, and North Shore areas.

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